Do you have any jewellery, you simply haven’t worn it for long time because it’s worn out or damaged or out of style?


Do you become tired of the look of your jewellery that no longer suits your taste?


Whatever the case you can simply and always trade in your jewellery at for new upgrade piece that better fits your current lifestyle


If you’re original purchase was made at , online. You will be credited your full purchase price, 100 percent of its original cost, toward a new jewellery purchase selling for at least twice your original purchase price.


If your original purchase was made somewhere else, you will receive the best possible value for your jewellery but the value will be less than you probably expect and yet we promise you will find our prices more competitive for your 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold jewellery and diamonds than anywhere else.


You’ll need to ship in your jewellery to  for a trade-in evaluation. After our appraisers determine the value, you will get to select any type of jewellery for your upgrade. Chipped, cracked or damaged diamonds will devalue your jewellery significantly.