Professional Jewellery Repair and

             Restoration Services


We provide a nationwide professional jewellery repair service by Canada  post and FED EXP special delivery that covers all 12  Canada provinces and USA.
Fine jewellery needs care, maintenance, and at times repairs to reward you with a lifetime enjoyment of your jewellery. At CashGold Canada we offers a full range of professional jewellery repair, refinishing and refurbishment  and restoration services. that includes ring sizing, mountings, stone replacement, retipping prongs, jewelry cleaning & polishing, necklace repair, bracelet repair, clasp replacement, refurbishment & custom jewelry designs.


We guarantee our workmanship and provide you with a free estimate upon visual inspection of the item and our repairs are typically done within 48HRS.


Simply order your service gold  Kit by filling out the information in the form to your right and submit it . We will then  send it right to your home with a return shipping label attached. Just drop it in the mail box and it will go directly to our shop. It’s fast, easy, insured and safe and it’s all done in the comfort of your home

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How it works

  1. Contact us by telephone  and we may be able give you an approximate estimated cost of the repair. Or.
  2. Request a repair kit  for a repair  estimate  by filling out the form to the right indicating what needs to be repaired
  3. Receive a return postage paid envelope for you to ship your jewellery to us.
  4. Once your jewellery arrives, we willl contact you by  telephone or email in order to let you know that the jewellery has arrived safely.
  5. Once our jewellers have examined inspected the repair we shall be able to provide  you with  an estimated cost for repair work needed and how long it will take to complete via email or phone.
  6. If the repair cost meets  your approval  we go ahead  with the service. You can also  decline the service at which point we will immediately return your jewellery back  to you


If we determined your jewellery is behond repair you can also  opt to sell it to us instead of shipping it back to you. We  offer top Dollar for gold jewellery in any condition and what you need to do is just cinfirm our cash offer  and a checque will be issued within 24HRS

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We provide a wide variety of jewelry repairs



We provide a wide variety of jewelry repairs
Polishing  & Cleaning


Also, we  clean, polish and restore your jewellery to look like new with the original  lustering and sparkling after repair is done.



Ring sizing & Repair

We are professionally resizing rings up or down in platinum, gold or silver to fit you perfectly.

Prong re-tipping and restoration

We inspect the mountings and prongs for wear and prong tipping any loose diamonds and stones found to prevent you from losing your gemstones or diamonds.

Diamond and gemstone replacement

We supply and replace gemstones of any kind and diamonds of any size or shape.

Stone setting & Stone Tightening

Our jewellers can professionally replace the stones in any setting and  set your diamonds in any type of setting, prong, bezel, pave, channel or flush set.


Rhodium and gold plating


We will clean, re-polish, and rhodium or gold plate your jewellery to make it look brand-new.


Chain and necklaces repair, Soldering & clasp replacement


CashGold Canada will repair your gold, platinum or silver broken chains or necklaces pendants and charms and replace worn clasps closures.


Bracelets repair


If it is broken, we can fix it by replacing clasps, hinges or rivets




We offer engraving services to provide that personal touch to your fine jewellery.




CashGold Canada  strongly advises that you insure your jewellery. We provide appraisals on any new jewellery purchased from our store at no additional charge.


New shank


We will replace the back of any ring with a new thicker and wider band.


Custom Made


We can  create a beautiful new piece of custom design jewellery by reusing your old items or provide you with the gold and stones needed from our stock.


And Much much More!!



If you have any additional questions regarding jewellery restoration and repair, please call us at Tel: (905) 709-GOLD, Toll: (877) 522-7404  or email us

Email: [email protected]  for assistance.


If we determined your jewellery is behond repair you can also opt to sell it to us instead of shipping it back to you. Each item will be weighed and tested for precious metal content and provide you with a top Dollar payout offer. if accepted, we will send you check rightaway.

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