We recover diamonds and stones from your jewellery and sweeps:


 CASHGOLD CANADA does stones and diamonds removal from unwanted jewellery.


We treat precious metal jewellery containing diamonds and stones by separating them from the metal using a unique and proprietry chemical processes that doesn’t harm the diamonds or stones and allows the diamonds and other gemstones to be safely removed without chipping or breaking


We return all your stones  back to you in a form ready to be set, keeping the integrity and color of the stones intact. The recovered diamond and gemstones become available for your reuse in another custom made jewellery or resale.

We can also buy tne recovered diamonds from you .

This is what we pay per carat diamonds .  


0.10ct – 0.2ct           $35/ct (SI and higher quality)

0.2ct – 0.3ct             $45/ct (SI and higher quality)

The recovered stones 0.3Ct and greater can be immediately purchased by our expert diamond buyers who will place a free bid on your diamonds and gemstones upon completion.


We offer you the most competitive prices for your recovered diamonds.

No stone removal and recovery fees for jewellery from which diamonds are purchased.