Looking to sell or buy that pre-owned wedding or engagement ring or other jewellery item, CashGold Canada is your best choice!


You will find many previously owned engagement rings and wedding rings to earrings and pendants with excellent quality and value at a “fraction” of the retail prices ranging from 50% to 80% off. Some brand name items are such as Tiffany, Choppard, Gucci, Cartier, Pandora and more are also available.


Many of diamond jewellery   items come with a full evaluation certificate to reflect the true replacement value, as these are all sold very much under their true replacement value.


 Most ring styles can be resized upon request- just email to info@ with any questions you may have.


We have professionally refurbished and carefully inspected all jewellery pieces to ensure the highest quality and to make them look like new. Shop on line or in person now to find the perfect piece of jewelry at an incredible value.


When Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery consider the following facts:

  • Most Diamonds even in a new ring are probably pre-owned.


  • Diamond have no wear or tear, it is the toughest material on earth and cannot be scratched or chipped. There is really no way to tell the difference between an old and new diamond.


  • Get more bang for your money and save big buy buying pre-owned jewellery.


These pre-owned jewellery can be yours for significantly less than buying new. Browse our selection of previously owned jewellery and see the value for yourself. Buying previously owned jewellery from CashGold


CashGold is an affordable way to get your next piece of jewellery at a one of a kind rock bottom price.