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If you’ve decided that selling your broken or unwanted gold jewelry for cash is an idea whose time has come, take a deep breath and read on. This article will explain how gold is valued based upon just how much pure gold your jewelry actually contains. Why do you need to know this? Simply because you need to understand gold before you start shopping for an Internet buyer!

How Your Gold Jewelry Will Be Valued

There are two primary factors that will be used by a buyer to determine what each piece of jewelry is worth. The first is the spot market price for gold at the time your property is assayed. This figure changes by the minute depending upon a range of market factors. The same figure is used by every buyer. The second is the kind of gold you have and this is generally (but not always) indicated by a standard symbol marked somewhere on the item. In rings, it is usually found inside the portion that slides over your finger while on necklaces, it is ordinarily on the clasp.

These symbols are called Karat marks and they look like this:

24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, 14K AND 10K. The actual purity of the gold in each piece of the jewelry you want to sell is shown by this figure and that’s what the buyer pays for. When a buyer offers cash for gold, that’s just what he means. The other metals or alloys that make up your piece of jewelry are not considered. You can relate these Karat weights to the percentage of gold actually in each item as per the following:

24K = 100.0% 14K = 58.33% 22K = 91.66% 10K = 41.66% 20K = 83.33% 18K = 75.0%

Thus, you can readily see that all the buyer has to do is weigh your item (after any stones are removed) in order to determine just how many grams of gold he will pay you for at the current spot market price. So if your ring weighs a total of 10 grams and is marked 14K it actually contains 5.833 grams of gold that you will be paid for. Remember that Internet buyers consider each piece as scrap that will be melted down, refined and poured into bulk ingots. The value of the setting, no matter how ornate, is zero and only the gold content is considered.

Cash for Gold is Very Worthwhile Today

You should remember that the price of gold was much lower when old pieces of jewelry were made. Right now, gold is worth more than it has been in decades. Therefore, you will realize considerably more than you would have just a year or so ago. There has never been a better time to sell your unwanted or broken gold jewelry than right now and Internet buyers stand ready to pay you top dollar.


Gold Buyers Toronto

Cash for gold reviews are important to see before you make any decisions. In order to get better service and good money, you need to see what kind of reviews a company has gotten. It is very important that you get a good idea about the company whom you are going to deal with. This will help you to make your decision.

Once you gather all the gold that you want to sell, you need to make the decision about the company. Choosing the most appropriate company will give you best quote and facility without any problem.

You will first need to locate your gold buyer. The only thing you need to be careful that you select only reputable buyer so that you receive better price. For selecting the reputable buyer you can take help of phone directory or a Google search. Once you have selected the company, then for getting more information you can make more searches. With the help of blogs and forums you will get knowledge about the company. There are plenty of websites and consumer reporting sites available on internet for taking the information. These websites will provide you past experience of consumers with the company.

You can consult with your friends and family members about their experience. One of the best cash for gold reviews you will get about the company from Better Business Bureau. You can find the information of any kind. This bureau provides past experience of the company and also credit ratings.

You can trust up on the company that is registered with BBB. These companies provide free kit so that you can send your precious items. The kit includes company information, postage paid box and mailing details. With the help of the box you can send your jewelry to the company and they start procedure. Within a few days they send the quota for you. If you like the offer, you will receive the cash and if not, then you can take your items back any time.


Gold party Toronto

If you are going to avoid the gold party scam, there are a few things that you need to know about how they work. Gold parties offer a way for you to sell your jewelry for a little extra money, but do they offer the best way to sell your unwanted gold or jewelry so you get the most money possible? In these difficult economic times, maximizing your profits and putting some extra money in your pocket is a priority, right?

How do gold parties work?

Basically a friend or relative hosts a gold party at their home and invites friends and family over for a dinner party and maybe cocktails. But at this party there is also a representative from a gold party company that will offer you money for your unwanted gold or jewelry. This person will evaluate your gold for its quality, test and weigh your jewelry, and make you an offer, usually in the form of a check. There are no obligations and you can turn down or accept their offer and walk away with extra money in your pocket. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Now let’s dig a little bit deeper into the process.

So where is the gold party scam?

So who is making the most money off of your gold? In the average gold party, everybody seems to be taking a cut out of your profits. In a typical party the representative will pay out about $3000 to the guests. That’s for an average of about 10 people attending the party. The host takes a percentage of the total payout, usually about ten percent. That’s pretty lucrative for the host, huh? The more people they invite, the more money they make. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

When the party is over, the representative sends the jewelry to the gold party company. This company then sends the gold to a refinery to have is smelted. After this process, the refinery pays the gold company for the melt value of the gold. The gold party company then sends a check to the gold representative, because he or she has paid the guests out of pocket. Everybody in the process is taking a cut of the profits all along the way. This is how you get caught in the gold party scam. Your profits are not maximized because everybody’s pockets are getting lined with money that should be yours.

So how can you get the most money for your gold?

If you are going to get the most cash for your gold and maximize your profits, you should consider an online gold buyer. Online gold buyers offer high payouts for your unwanted or


Cash for Gold in Toronto


Millions of people own gold jewelry they haven’t worn in years. Tangled chains, watches that no longer tell time reliably, and pendants that have long since gone out of style, are hidden in their garages and dresser drawers. Many people also own an assortment of scrap gold items for which they have little use. These items are packed away. Much of it remains forgotten.

With the price of gold hitting record highs over the last few months, more people than ever are selling their old gold jewelry and scrap pieces of the precious metal. They have realized that selling their gold for cash provides them with financial flexibility they haven’t enjoyed in years.

If you’re thinking about selling your broken bracelets, brooches, and earrings, but have yet to do so, consider the following six reasons. They offer a compelling argument for taking advantage of the recent peak in the price of gold.

1 – Your Jewelry Is Unwearable

You may own a watch that cannot be fixed; you might own broken chains that cannot be worn; or, your jewelry may have been purchased many years ago, and is no longer in style. If your gold pieces are unwearable, there is little reason to keep them. Rather than allowing your jewelry to take up space, consider selling it. You’ll enjoy the cash you receive far more than a broken watch or tangled bracelet.

2 – You Need Emergency Cash

With so many people losing their jobs, many are wondering how they will be able to make ends meet. Bills may be piling up, and necessary purchases are being postponed simply because the funds are unavailable.

If you are currently in this situation, selling your gold jewelry and scrap gold may offer a short-term solution. The money you’ll receive in exchange for your items may go a long way toward helping you get back onto your feet.

3 – Your Gold Jewelry Holds Bad Memories

Jewelry is often inherited when a loved one passes away, or received from a significant other who breaks off a relationship. In both cases, the rings, bracelets, and earrings may be a reminder of people we would rather forget. Selling them not only helps purge painful memories, but will also produce an inflow of cash.

4 – You Need Money To Buy Gifts

Whether for Christmas, birthdays, a baby shower, or any other occasion, having the funds to buy gifts for others may be a luxury. By selling your broken gold bracelets, damaged lockets, and unpaired earrings, you can raise the needed funds. Chances are, the smiles and goodwill that result from purchasing gifts for others will bring more joy than damaged pieces of scrap gold.

5 – You Want To Invest Funds Elsewhere

Even though gold should not be considered an investment, it is impossible to ignore the spectacular rise in the precious metal’s price over the past year. A lot of people own small collections of gold jewelry and scrap gold that can sold for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. This money can be put into other investments, such as mutual funds, CDs, or an IRA.

Remember, the price of the precious metal has recently catapulted to record highs. Now may be a good time to lock it in.

6 – You Fear The Price Of Gold Will Decline

Economists and precious metals experts disagree about the future direction of the price of gold. Some believe the recent highs suggest its value will decline significantly over the next several months. Indeed, its value has already dropped slightly. Others believe the economy is in worse shape than it appears, and thus suggest the price could continue skyward.

If the experts are unable to agree on where the value of gold is headed, the layperson certainly has little chance of accurately predicting its direction. A conservative approach may be warranted. Consider locking in the current price.

There are many reasons to sell your broken gold jewelry and scrap gold items. Whether for emergency funds, to get rid of painful memories, or to fund other investments, now is a good time to make the decision.




You see it all over these days, “buying gold”, “sell gold jewelry for cash”, “get rid of old gold in your house” but when it comes to time to actually do it be careful of where you decide to go. Just because you see a sign someone is holding by the side of the road or a web advertisement saying that they will give you “cash” for your gold does not mean that they will give you the most cash. It is important that you pick the company that gives the highest payouts possible and it never hurts to get a few quotes.

One major thing you should not do when you sell gold jewelry is take it to a pawn shop. The only reason that you should take it to a pawn shop is if you intend on getting your gold back but of course to get your gold back you have to give the money back plus interest. If you are intending on selling your gold jewelry permanently than pawn shops are defiantly the worst way to go. These businesses usually get very desperate people and unfortunately criminals both of which they can buy gold extremely cheap from. Criminals that bring in stolen gold really have few other options as legitimate companies will not buy it if they can tell it has been stolen. And people desperate to get cash really quick, unfortunately think they do not have any other option but are not aware of other services that will offer much more and can you cash very quickly.

Jewelry stores are a respectable option and will most often give you a little more for your gold. However, quite frankly it is not much more. They also have the ability to get gold and wholesale prices and while most people do not expect to get retail price when they sell gold jewelry I am sure they would like to walk away feeling good about the amount. Jewelry stores can be used as a great point of reference as far as how much your gold is actually worth on the used gold market. I would not be a bad idea to take a quick trip to the local jewelry store and have them make you an offer, just be sure you don’t sell anything at that time. Like I said, jewelry stores are usually not the best place to sell gold jewelry but they are legitimate businesses and an appraisal from them is a good place to start. You’ll want an appraisal from a local jewelry store so you can know how much extra money you will be getting when you go with the best.

I can tell you that nine times out of ten you will get more “cash” for your gold if you sell it to an online service and there are some good reasons for this. For one the internet is a huge market place and there is no denying that competition is no laughing matter when it comes to hundreds of people basically competing for the same space, search engine front pages. These companies are competing by offering more than the other guy for your unwanted gold and jewelry as opposed to a local jewelry store monopolizing the local market. Imagine what would happen if you had 10 jewelry stores lined up right next to each other; things would really start to get interesting. Another main reason that online companies can and do offer you more money for your gold is due to the fact that online companies have a fraction of the operating cost that location business do. And to even stack onto that, the successful ones usually have much more business. So again it is really a simple equation, low operating cost, plus higher income, plus higher competition equals the means and the desire to offer you the more cash than any other type of gold buying business and there are no catches


Gold for Cash Toronto


Almost every night on television, there are numerous ads for companies which offer to buy your used, unwanted, broken or outdated gold, diamonds and other jewelry. Many of them offer to send you a cheque immediately upon receiving your items, and promise to pay you a premium and fair rate for all the items. I have to admit that this, as with so many other television ads, seems too good and too easy to be true. On a whim, I decided to log on to the website of a company called CashGold Canada, to find out some more information, and to determine whether this was a legitimate offer, not just a scam preying on those who are suffering from our poor economic times.

I actually did have several old, broken gold and diamond pieces of jewelry that I had wanted to get rid of for some time, but I was always hesitant to go to a pawn shop or some other type of seedy place. For some reason, those types of places always seemed shady to me. I went on the CashGold Canada website at, and carefully read the information. The company claims to be a reliable and honest company that will give you a fair price for any items, based upon the current price of gold. They offer a very easy process: after you request your package, they send you a personalized mailing kit with prepaid first class postage and $100 insurance to cover loss or theft. You simply put your items in the envelope, and they will send you a payment within 24 hours of receiving the items. Okay, I thought, I will give it a try-I had nothing to lose, really, as the postage and insurance were paid by them. It was better than having these items sitting in my drawer, collecting dust.

Within 3 days, I received my kit. Along with a bubble envelope, a self-addressed and insured Canada Post envelope, and some additional information, there was a form for me to sign and fill out; I simply wrote a brief description of each item, selected the method of payment I wished to receive, (cheque, pay pal or direct deposit), and also, which I was extremely impressed with, the tracking number and information I needed to track the progress of my package at the Canada Post website ( It really was as easy as they claimed. I followed the instructions, and waited, somewhat apprehensively.

Well, there was hardly time to track anything, because in 4 days, I received a cheque. The receipt explained how they arrived at the amount, and it was fair-based on a price of $17.89/gram of gold, as well as the karat amount of each item. The amount of my cheque was nothing huge, but I had not expected my small amount of gold to fetch thousands of dollars. I am very satisfied with CashGold Canada-it is an easy, straightforward and no-nonsense way to get a bit of cash for broken jewelry you no longer wish to keep. The advantage of being able to track your package and the security of having everything insured, at their expense, makes this an extremely painless process.



Gold prices are soaring nowadays. Selling gold jewelry will fetch you more money than what you had paid for it when you made your purchase. There are many who claim to pay you the present market value for the gold, while the fact is they are acting as a broker. They will pay you only a small amount for the gold and resell it for huge profits.

Selling Gold Jewelry Tips

Here are few tips that will help you to be at the right place at the right time and get the best deal while selling gold jewelry.

a)Selling gold jewelry at the pawn shops should be avoided. They are nothing but the middlemen who will resell the same for huge profits.  b)If you have a nice, well crafted jewelry, then selling it at the jewelry store is the right option. And if it is broken or unwanted gold items, they won’t offer you much money for it.  c)Selling gold jewelry online is by far the best bet. Their advertising and overhead costs are low and offer higher payout for gold than pawn or jewelry shops.

Selling Gold Coins: Gold coins act as one of the methods of investment. When the gold prices are high, selling it at the right place is not that easy. All the paper work should be in good condition. You should know the gold content in your coin. Finding the right dealer can be tricky; you can go online and find the local dealers in your area and compare the price. You can also visit cash for gold websites that give you best value for the coins.

Selling Gold Bullion: Gold bullion are produced and minted by national governments. Generally, bars yield less returns than gold bullion coins. In countries like Argentina, Austria, Switzerland, you can easily buy and sell these at the major banks. The thumb rule is to find a reputed dealer in your area or find genuine dealers online who have a standard process of buying gold.

Selling Gold Nuggets: It is easy to sell gold nuggets than to find them. They fetch more money because of its scarcity. Size and the weight is the first thing that a buyer would want to know. Take a fine picture and auction it online. You can also sell it to an assayer or refiner who will pay you the melt value of gold according to weight.

Selling Silver And Silver Jewelry

Depending on the form and the knowledge, when and where to sell, will guarantee you good returns when selling silver. You can sell your silver jewelry at home parties, art fair, flea market, websites; word of mouth will also do the trick for you.Silver can also be sold as silver bars, silverware, flatware, sterling silver, silver coins and scrap silver to name a few.

A silver bar weighs 100oz that is almost seven pounds. It can be sold at local pawn shops; online auction can be a lengthy process. You can ship your silver and an agreement to sell it to the dealer; they in return will send you the check or deposit money in your account. Scrap silver can be sold to a silver refinery or recycler, online auctions, local pawn shops or to a coin dealer.

Silverware or flatware can be sold by an online auction, placing an advertisement in the newspaper or in magazines, catalogues or selling it in an open market commonly known as flea market. Internet offers wide range of options for the potential buyers; competition is one drawback though.

Sterling silver being the purest form of silver is the easiest to sell. Either on internet, newspaper advertisement or pawn shops, it’s always in demand for being 92.5% pure. Silver coins minted before 1964 yield more money because of their scarcity. Local dealer will pay you less money because he will resell the coins for more money. Online auctions will attract more attention and help you get the maximum value.

Gold in all form reaps good value. When in fancy form, it adds to the value. While selling gold jewelry and watches few things should be kept in mind. These are: auction online; advertise well; research value; other places to look for are pawn shops, dealers, coin shops to name a few.





Pick up any newspaper, surf the web or turn on the TV and there’s a host of companies all desperate to give you cash for your gold.

Driven by a combination of rising gold prices and recession hit households desperate for cash, lots of people are selling. But are you getting a a good deal for your gold?

Postal dealers

Giving your valuables to a complete stranger in a pub who won’t tell you how much they are worth until he’s taken them home with him, seems like an odd thing to do. Yet, driven by a series of high-profile advertising campaigns, a whole raft of postal dealers have convinced thousands of people around the world to do just that with their gold.

We have all seen the adverts on television: request your pre-paid envelope online, post off your gold and eagerly await your cheque.

The amount you receive is determined by a number of factors: the gold content of your jewellery, it’s weight and the current market price of gold. You should be aware that only the weight of the actual gold is counted towards its final value. The weight of non-precious gemstones, clasps etc. are all deducted.

The majority of postal dealers do not publish the prices they pay for gold. This means that the only way to discover the value of your jewellery is to send it off, which immediately weakens your bargaining position. You may find yourself unable or unwilling to go through all the hassle of getting your gold returned and simply settle for an inferior offer.

As with any transaction, there is no law that says you are duty-bound to accept the first offer. Don’t be afraid to haggle, as you may well be rewarded with a much improved offer.

You should also be aware that if wish to reject their offer and ask for your gold back, many companies operate a 7-day return period. You will need to return your cheque within this time-limit if you want to get your gold back. This may also result in you being charged a handling fee for the return of your gold.

Also some company’s pre-paid envelopes do not carry adequate insurance for your valuables. The amount of insurance offered by postal traders varies from a maximum of $1000 right down to zero, so it is always best to find this out first.

If your valuables are worth more than the cover offered then you can get cover up for more at the Post Office. Speaking of which – whenever you are sending off something of value, it is always worth queuing up at the Post Office to get proof of postage rather than putting it straight in the post box.

Stranger = danger!

But a word of warning: with millions of dollars of scrap gold being melted down this year there are more than a few ‘rogues’ out there. A recent trading standards investigation revealed that some postal traders are paying as little as 20% of an item’s true market value.

If you are considering sending any of your valuables to a postal dealer, then a quick check via Google should give you an indication of who are the more trustworthy companies. Simply typing in the company’s name should reveal information such as any write-ups in the news or customer feedback. Adding the word ‘complaints’ to your search should also help you sort out the bad apples from the barrel. Don’t forget to check consumer forums as well as these are often a very good source of information.

If you do ever find yourself torn between two companies then a useful tie-breaker is to always chose the one that actually publishes their scrap prices on their website!

Gold Parties

Gold parties are marketed as a fun and informal way of selling your unwanted gold. Transactions are carried face-to-face with a company’s gold expert. They have their own gold testing equipment which is used to weigh and determine the quality of your gold. A cheque will be written for your gold there-and-then if you agree to sell.

Like postal dealers, gold parties base their prices on the ‘spot price’ or current price of gold being sold in the commodities markets. Hosting a party can earn you a 10% commission on the value of gold sold at your event and $100 towards your entertainment costs.

Despite the softly-softly approach, remember that this is still a high-pressured sales environment designed to part you from your gold. Care must be taken not to get carried away and accepting an offer for less than the full value of your gold.

However, should you wake up in the morning with a hangover and a few regrets at parting with your treasure, some gold party companies do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

The High Street

The advantage of a high street jeweller is that they are usually a well-established business and you are less likely to run into any short-term, rip-off merchants attracted by the gold rush.

Also your typical high street jeweller is unlikely to be shelling out hundreds of thousands of pounds for TV adverts featuring perma-tan celebrities, which means that they are operating with far lower overheads and so are potentially able to offer you more for your gold as they are working with higher profit margins.

Even if they are not in a position to buy your gold they can be a good source of information and be able to recommend a trustworthy gold dealer to you. If your heart is set on using a postal dealer then they may even be willing to weigh your gold for you and bag it up divided by carat.


Another destination for your unwanted gold is your local pawnbroker. However, pawnbrokers differ from gold dealers in that they do not buy your gold. Instead they loan you around half of the value of your gold and then charge you a monthly interest rate for the duration of the loan.

This is only really an option for those who are very short of cash and looking for a short-term loan without having to part with their jewellery forever.

Seller beware

If you do have an unwanted gold ring or necklace gathering dust in a drawer somewhere then with gold prices currently running high, now is as good a time as any to sell. But wherever you do decide to sell it, following a few simple steps could help ensure that you get the best price for your precious items.

Here comes the ‘maths’ bit

Forewarned is forearmed and knowing the approximate value of your gold before you approach a seller will help you determine whether they are offering the best price.

The quality or purity of your gold is a crucial element in establishing its value and gold’s purity is reflected in its karat rating. For example a 10 karat rating means that the item only contains 41.66 % gold, while 24 carats represents gold that is a whopping 100% pure.

You can easily find out what karat your jewellery is by looking at its hallmark. The hallmark is usually found on the inside of a ring or on the clasp of a necklace. The purity mark is represented by a three digit number inside a rectangular shape (375 for 9 kcarat, 750 for 18 karat etc.). Make a note of the purity mark as you will need this to calculate the value of your gold. Next you need to find the current market price of gold. This can be found at a number of websites.

Negotiate from a position of strength

Forearmed with this knowledge of how much your ring is worth, you will now be in a much stronger position when you approach a buyer. If you think that they are offering a bad price then simply walk away and try elsewhere.

Whether you are using a postal trader, attending a gold party or going to a high street jeweller, remember that you will always get a much better price for your gold by shopping around!


Instant Cash for Gold


Are you in need of instant cash? Nowadays, earning money is already as hard as working double. Nevertheless, people are clueless that they can earn money with the things they already own. Yes. It may sound too good to be true, but one can earn money from gold jewellery or gold coins that are in their possession for years and years. People who collect coins can also earn money if they decide to sell their precious pieces. Therefore, whatever types of gold they have, gold is still one good source of cold cash. Of all the forms of gold, jewellery is still the best kind of investments. People just have to know the basic rules on how to make cash out of gold.

When it comes to selling the gold pieces of jewellery, it is important to take extra caution and perform requisites so that your gold really turns into cash. To avoid burdens of being rip-off and underpaid, you need to be wise in all your transactions. Furthermore, people buy gold for the same reason as why the seller has acquired the item. If you have the gold jewellery in your hands, you have to make sure it is real and not fake. Therefore, the steps of making cash out of gold are:

  1. First, you have to make sure you are holding real gold. Go to the nearest jewellery shop and have your gold jewellery examined. This is a very important step. Find a good gold broker or gold dealer to make sure you will get the accurate price for your precious pieces.
  2. If you are already sure your gold is authentic, find different places to advertise and to sell your pieces. You can opt to take your gold to auctions or online gold buyers. There are some websites where you can safely open an account and then auction your pieces to their members. Some companies follow a bidding process. Another way to sell your items is through local pawnshops. Some people do not advise selling your pieces to pawnshops because they offer little value to your pieces as compared to professional gold collectors. Another way to sell your pieces is by finding an intermediary who will do the transactions for you. They act as a broker who will help you find the rightful buyer for your items.
  3. Now, it is now time to sit back and review the values that you got from shops and interested buyers. List them and find the one with the highest price.
  4. If you choose to sell your items online, you should be extra careful. Pick a legitimate buyer by contacting the person to make sure that he or she is serious to buy your gold pieces.
  5. Talk about the different shipping methods available and the buyer can send payments. There are safe ways to send payments. PayPal is safe way to send payments from one person to another even if you two are living in different sides of the planet.
  6. Insure your items. When you ship, make sure that you get insurance. Also, pick a safe and secure container for your items.

It is important to seek for advices before jumping into the cash for gold trade as it involves money. If you are facing financial needs, it will not be wise to do something that will add up to the trouble. The cash for gold trade has been around for many years and it has helped people make instant money. Consider the above tips, once you have decided to sell your gold for cash.


Jewelry Exchange Toronto


Lots of people these days are looking to exchange gold for cash and make a quick profit. If you are going to get the most money for your gold you are simply going to have to do some simple research and find out for yourself the best way to maximize your profits. Hopefully I can give you a few pointers to get you heading in the right direction. Learning how to sell your unwanted gold items does not have to be a hassle or a time consuming experience.

Here’s how to Exchange Gold for Cash

The first thing that you need to do is gather all of your gold items, so you can properly evaluate them. If your jewelry is gold, it should have the 10K, 14K or 24K stamp on it. The next thing to do is find out what the current market value of gold is. Don’t put too much stock in looking at the price that you will find on the business news channels. This is an indication of the broader market value of gold. Yes, it will give you an idea of the how much your unwanted gold jewelry is worth, but you are going to need to do a little more research for how much you can actually sell your gold for.

Find the Best Place to Sell Your Gold.

Now that you have a feel for how much you can sell your unwanted gold jewelry for, you need to consider your options for exchanging gold for cash. It seems more and more jewelry stores are putting neon signs in their storefronts saying “We Buy Scrap Gold”. Pawn shops have starting offering this type of service also. Why are they doing this? Simply because it is very profitable for them to buy your unwanted gold at a low relative price and then “flip” your gold by selling it to a refinery. Yep, it’s that simple. They are interested in the melt value of your gold. Jewelry stores and pawn shops typically have no interest in re-selling your jewelry.

Can Online Gold Buyers Be Trusted?

Online gold buyers have been around for more than a few years now. They offer a very simple service that allows you to mail your broken or unwanted gold to them for evaluation. Once the gold is evaluated, they will offer you compensation for your items. Most all of the online gold buyers offer a free return policy on your jewelry. This means that if you are not happy with how much money they are offering for your gold, they will send it back to you free of charge. There is no uncomfortable negotiating and you never have to feel like you are being taken advantage of. And most importantly, they typically offer more cash for your gold than brick and mortar stores do.

Now here is a little secret that you may not be aware of. Many of these online gold buyers are also refineries. This means you can cut out the middle man and maximize your profits.